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The vgo proposal is accepted. Now what?

Last updated 2 years ago by Russ Cox


Last week, the proposal review committee accepted the “vgo approach” elaborated on this blog in February and then summarized as proposal #24301.There has been some confusion about exactly what that means and what happens next.

In general, a Go proposal is a discussion about whether to adopt a particular approach and move on to writing, reviewing, and releasing a production implementation. Accepting a proposal does not mean the implementation is complete. (In some cases there is no implementation yet at all!) Accepting a proposal only means that we believe the design is appropriate and that the production implementation can proceed and be committed and released.

Inevitably we find details that need adjustment during that process.

Vgo as it exists today is not the final implementation. It is a prototype to make the ideas concrete and to make it possible to experiment with the approach. Bugs and design flaws will necessarily be found and fixed as we move toward making it the official approach in the go command. For example, the original vgo prototype downloaded code from sites like GitHub using their APIs, for better efficiency and to avoid requiring

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