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The Node.js Benchmarking Working Group: Measuring Performance for A Speedier Node.js

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This post was contributed by Michael Dawson (, twitter: mhdawson1, github: mhdawson) and Uttam Pawar (, twitter: @uttampc, github: uttampawar)_

In this post we’d like to acquaint you with the work being done by the Node.js Benchmarking Working Group (WG) and how we are working to keep an eye on Node.js performance.

Objective of the working Group Node.js is a vibrant and growing runtime with a high pace and rate of change. While this is great for new features and functionality, it does mean that we need a solid safety net to ensure the positive aspects of the Node.js runtime continue to improve or at least stay the same. Performance is one of these key aspects and the Benchmarking Working group works to be part of the safety net for performance.

The objective of the Benchmarking Working group is to track and evangelize performance gains made between Node.js releases and avoid performance regressions between releases. The approach followed is to:

You can check out the data for the benchmarks currently being run at You can also find more information at As an example these are a couple of the graphs which are available:

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