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Material-UI v1 is out 🎉

Last updated 2 years ago by Olivier Tassinari


High-level Goals for v1

Material-UI was started 3 years ago by @hai-cea. The React ecosystem has evolved considerably since then, and we have also learned along the way. Two years ago, @nathanmarks started an ambitious task to rebuild Material-UI from the ground-up, taking advantage of this knowledge to address long-standing issues in customizability, ease of use, and code quality.


Material-UI v1 is our second stab at the execution of the vision.

We want Material-UI to become whatever is generally useful for application development, all in the spirit of the Material Design guidelines. Material-UI is not only an implementation of the Material Design guidelines, but a general use UI library of components that are needed by many. We are even allowing developers to build non Material themes on top of Material-UI components. We will soon open source examples of this.

CSS-in-JS. We have seen a great potential for inline-styles in the past. It was an opportunity to solve four problems at once: removing the LESS toolchain dependency, allowing dynamic styles, allowing style code splitting and make overrides simpler.

Unfortunately, the execution didn’t deliver. We were lacking key features only available in CSS: media queries, pseudo selectors, pseudo elements, browser prefixes. The debug was much harder. Overriding styles was very very challenging. People always had to look the implementation, people couldn’t use CSS without relying on !important.

Two years ago, we decided to move away from inline-styles toward CSS-in-JS. We are very happy with the outcome. We would like to thank @kof for the awesome work he has done with JSS, the internal solution we use. It’s allowing us to be interoperable with all the other styling solutions.

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