Make text styling more effective with RichText widget

Last updated 3 years ago by Darshan Kawar


As the name suggests, RichText provides more options to the way a text is displayed on the screen.

The style property of text widget is used to apply various styles to a text, but a limitation of it is, the style gets applied to the entire text irrespective of whether the text is a single line or multiline. Consider below snippet to render a single line of text on screen: Container( padding: EdgeInsets.all(10), child: Center( child: Text( **'The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.'**) ) )

With above code, if we apply fontSize as 20, fontStyle as italic, the style will be applied to entire text, as below.

But, what if, we only want to underline a word from above text or show certain words of text as bold/italic or in different color and rest of the text as normal text?

RichText widget helps to answer and achieve the above cases.

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