Get Fluttered: A Deceptively Simple Bottom AppBar Part #1

Last updated 3 years ago by Manas Gupta


This widget is what we are learning to build today!

I started my journey of learning Flutter a couple of months ago. Coming from an Android background Flutter felt so much easier to work with. But in this phase of learning Flutter, I always found it difficult to find good resources for learning it. Hence, I decided to contribute my bit to the Flutter community by writing articles about different stuff, with a thought that you and I learn together. So this is my very first article!

What is Get Fluttered? Get Fluttered is an article series in which I will be attempting to recreate some beautiful designs I find on the internet and share my learnings with you.

The gif that you see at the top is what we are going to build today. So first things first, this design inspiration comes from Vitaly Rubtsov’s Tab Bar Animation on Dribbble.

Any Prerequisites? 1) A fair bit of knowledge of how animations work in Flutter.
2) An attitude to not just give up when you don’t understand something. Google the heck out of the topic, watch videos and come back and try again.

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