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Facebook ties JavaScript code together with Yarn

Last updated 2 years ago by Thomas Claburn


The ad gavage network on Thursday released Yarn 1.0, the latest update to the open source JavaScript package manager introduced last year with the help of Google, Exponent and Tilde.

Yarn is an alternative to npm (Node Package Manager), the default package manager for Node.js installations.

Both Yarn and npm, backed by a company called npm, make JavaScript development more tolerable by managing the code libraries that become unavoidable when developing modern web applications.

Yarn and npm, as client applications, connect to the npm registry, home to almost half a million packages, to fetch however many bundles of code are required by the application in question.

According to Facebook, there are now more than 175,000 projects on GitHub that use Yarn and the software now handles over 3 billion package downloads a month.

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