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ComputeCpp v0.5.0 is released and SYCL 1.2.1 ratified

Last updated 2 years ago by Ruyman Reyes


The SYCL 1.2.1 specification has improved on the existing 1.2 standard by introducing new features which allow for better integration with existing machine learning and OpenCL-based frameworks such as TensorFlow as well as various improvements based on user feedback. SYCL 1.2.1 includes new asynchronous data movement routines; allowing users more control over when data is moved between devices, placeholder accessors; making data access more flexible, a new extensible property-based system; for customising the behavior of SYCL objects, and much more. The Khronos group has also been working closely with ISO C++ to ensure closer integration between SYCL and upcoming C++ standards.

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