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Check If Your Native App Is Installed With getInstalledRelatedApps

Last updated 1 year ago by Pete LePage


What is the getInstalledRelatedApps API?

A web app using getInstalledRelatedApps to determine if it's related native app is already installed. As the capability gap between web and native gets smaller, it becomes easier to offer the same experience for both web and native users. This may lead to cases where users have both the web and native versions installed on the same device. Apps should be able to detect this situation.

The getInstalledRelatedApps API is a new web platform API that allows your web app to check to see if your native app is installed on the users device, and vice versa. With the getInstalledRelatedApps API, you can disable some functionality of one app if it should be provided by the other app instead.

Suggested use cases

There may be some cases where there isn’t feature parity between the web and native apps. With the getInstalledRelatedApps API, you can check if the other version is installed, and switch to the other app, using the functionality there. For example, one of the most common scenarios we’ve heard, and the key reason behind this API is to help reduce duplicate notifications. Using the getInstalledRelatedApps API, allows you check to see if the user has the native app installed, then disable the notification functionality in the web app.

Installable web apps can help prevent confusion between the web and native versions by checking to see if the native version is already installed and either not prompting to install the PWA, or providing different prompts.

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