Bezier Animations — UI elements to Flutter Widgets (Part 1)

Last updated 1 year ago by Kamalesh Basu


UX Softwares such as Sketch, Adobe Xd and Figma have empowered designers to imagine, experiment and provide great finesse to User Interfaces and experiences. Just take a look at design websites such as Dribbble or Behance, and you will be awestruck at the quality of designs being published.

One common feature of UI/UX elements today are animations — not flashing neon light animations — but subtle, tasteful, more organic animations. Bezier curves **are a great way of creating smooth curves and provide a simple, elegant yet powerful way of animating UI elements in an App. This two-part article will be an attempt to simplify the process of converting a designer’s UI elements into Flutter Widgets for drawing Bezier Curves and animating them.

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