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Announcing Yarn 1.0

Last updated 2 years ago by Burak Yiğit Kaya


Yarn Workspaces

We have seen the mono-repository approach for source control, popularized by large tech companies such as Facebook, slowly gain traction within the open source community and smaller companies. One reason for the shift is that this paradigm makes it easier to share code across all projects while avoiding dependency synchronization issues. To make it easier for people to start adopting this pattern, Yarn added a new feature: Workspaces. It lets people automatically aggregate all the dependencies from multiple package.json files and install them all in one go. It also uses a single yarn.lock file at the root, to lock them all. Moreover, Yarn will create symlinks between all Workspaces that happen to depend on one another, so that in the end, the latest code is always used across all projects.

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